Allen Iverson’s Number is Retired by the Philadelphia 76ers!

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ShotMechanics says:

Man he was SO talented! We broke his signature crossover down on our
channel and I really forgot how fun he was to watch!!

keverinkarama says:



Jason McGraw says:

No matter what you think of him as a person, there wasn’t an ankle this man
didn’t break.

BloodTurok313 says:

good speech man, it would have been good to see him retire with just
atleast 1 ring on his hand and if the team could have won that night would
have been even better

FiBBZZ says:

retire the number for the whole league.

Bigdog Ferguson says:

wetaowkenboutpraaaactice mane!!!

DaHeroSlayerr says:

Love his speech. Not like players nowadays that give lame ass speech.

DaChampTV says:

Allen Iverson deserves to be on the Mt. Rushmore of NBA…FOR THE MOST
SELFISH OVERRATED players…Allen Iverson is OVERRATED!!!

Chris Walker says:

IMO, one of the Greats!

bigscottlarock says:

I wonder who he had to bum gas money from to get down there. lol 

Bi Han says:


emrecan irez says:

The Real Basketball player . We will miss you . From Besiktas. 

Eric Alvarado says:

I’m a hardcore Laker fan but I have much respect for Allen Iverson. A truly
great player who singlehandedly pushed my Lakers to the brink in the NBA
Finals some years ago! 

wyattthealchemist says:

Yaaaay…. sports stuff…

Rambito says:

100% Deserved it one of the best guards of all time for sure.

SimpleVillain says:

announcer had me thinking i was watching WWE

Megan Furphy says:

we miss u allen iverson we defitnetly needed u this year

Elisha Adderley says:

2 Mistakes I saw that was made .
2) Says he lead the league in assists.
Congrats to Phili & Ai tho

TopShelf says:

Contrary to what A.I. says, he never learned from his mistakes.

norky ravina says:

AI my idol,,,,,

mrkingssizesnicker says:

He led the league in assist 3 times Joey Peeps. Sounds like you got a
little Zimmerman aka you last name is Dunn in you!

Faded Hope says:

He is/was such a great player — the NBA did his wrong by forcing an early
retirement, he has wanted to play the last few years!

Wesley Williams says:

It very nice I love it

Austin Clark says:

We talkin’ practice? 

John doe says:

I hate seeing old people trying to fit into this hipster generation…Take
the glasses off man.

coopaing says:

Chills … And I was expecting a “we talkin’ about practice” ^^

David Mwangi says:

..”we talking about practice! not a game but practice!…” One of the great
players to run the court.

Boobie Deamon says:

Real talk one of the most unique players in nba history. A barely 6’0 dude
who weighed 160 pounds was the number 1 pick in the draft. Scored nearly 30
ppg for most of his career until has later years dropped his averages.
Crazy, you would have never guessed he was one of the most elite scorers in
NBA history just standing next to him.



XxLostMindxX says:

@ 1:17 he says that A.I. lead the league in assist thrice. I think he meant
steals. Why would A.I. even have to pass the ball. He’s The Answer.

a1hocker says:

Almost 40 and still can’t put on a suit. Damn shame but hat’s off to the

Ben Verret says:

dude looks like a failed pimp.

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