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Big Idea Mastermind – – Come join me in my journey of self development and discovery as I take on Vick’s challenge of 90 vid…

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sojiandtitioyenuga says:

You are surely a persuasive communicator! Great job, Jesse

Ellen Persad says:

Thanks for addressing the different forms of communication.

Gerard, Audrey says:

Thank You Jesse, you communicate your messages very well.

Philip Mutrie says:

Great video Jesse. Communication is key! Thank you for sharing…

Judy Sovran says:

I find that the best way that I learn by watching a video and having a pdf
to follow. It is great to know the best way that you learn and as a
presenter to know the various ways to get your message across so everyone
can learn from you.

Tod Grupen says:

I was watching a video from Chika where he speaks about communication. I
feel nervous when I get in front of the camera and sometimes trip over
myself. BTW, your enunciation is excellent.

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