big idea mastermind mass up | big idea mastermind mass up

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dimitris dimitroulopoulos says:

yeah man the system is great! it builds that way to stand out from the
crowd.. when 100.000 people promote empower we promote bim but its not only
that we learn how to send traffic and if you think that knowledge is
priceless because you can send traffic in clickbank clicksore cpa offers
and also bim…. don’t get me wrogn empower is good very good but its
better to have empower and the system instead you have only empower… if
you understand what i mean..

dimitris dimitroulopoulos says:

yes david sharp and vick strizheus

dimitris dimitroulopoulos says:

yeah but i was his past now he change and succed of course…. anyone can
do this

Edim Kostjervac says:

hows the BIM.. any good?

Daniel Garcia says:

thanks for sharing this!

guillaume parra says:

cool video

Sharon Ballantyne says:

Very powerful…good reminder to watch it again! Thanks Dimitris

Vicki Joseph says:

Dave good isn’t he?

Julius Mohacsi says:

Classic stuff.

Eric Cipolla says:

Great info!

dimitris dimitroulopoulos says:


Billy Altidor says:

Great stuff

Gerard, Audrey says:

Did you see the new one? Maybe better than this one, thanks for sharing…

Miles Segers says:

Love Dave’s videos!! Badass!

Jens Elmera says:

Raise yaself about the competition!

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