Dude vs. Wild – The Arctic

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Took a snowboarding trip to Utah and decided to bring back the Dude vs. Wild series, even though it’s been years since the last one. Parody of what use to be…

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Up2Films says:

Dear what would you do if you didn’t make videos

IamPhoenix says:

i love brave frontier ryan! whats your username so i can friend you. u prob
wont respond to this lol but its worth a try! 

Hay Spenst says:

I find this very funny, however I miss the vlogs :(

Nicholas Kim says:

so boss

Heather Renee says:

he makes the best travel guide EVER!! XD
i learn so much from this man..!!!!!

NextGenVixen says:

Great video but what kind of accent is he trying to do?

Croki Barahona says:

Now do dude vs wild- the woods

Realm Werehunt says:

Fuck I laughed so hard

LaughINhalf says:

This was made in Utah, Ryan why didn’t you sleep over? #NOHOMO
Check out my pranks, if ya laugh subscribe

AngelBob64 says:


Nahid Islam says:

There’s already the time before you unlock the Phone.

Tom Churchill says:

nice iphone

Ghufran Gharash says:


Wingardium Leviosa says:

You used to be my favourite youtubers…

Jun Yong Park says:

He has Flappy Bird.

pbleecm28 says:

The falling scene was over exaggerated but it was mad funny lol 

Uchiha Vikram says:


Viljai says:

I laughed so much 😀 More survival videos please, they are the best!

Omar Catalan says:

dat LTE reception tho

Vibe Matrix says:

Are u Canadian 

Brandon Avila says:

You’re a fucken idiot this was not funny at ALL!!!!!! -___-

Walk4Water135 says:

In Canada, -1 degrees Celsius is the warmest temperature you’ll ever get XD

SachseeGaming says:

You have make fun of Bear Grylls XD

Margarette Feliciano says:

Dear ryan, can u bring back the classics such as off the pill, dude vs wild
and how to be…?

Riley Smithurst says:

4:49 it says pee

TryHardMumzzFTW says:

is this mychonny?

Alyssa Déconne says:

I was scared with the fake pee ( really … Apple juice !!?! )

xboxkid4life says:

He has brave frontier that awesome

T Dub says:

Hahaha that’s not pee at all!

TheXimKim says:

Oh my gosh you play brave frontier! Dude give me your ID! i’ll friend you

MiiSsMiiNa says:

Dear Ryan, can you do a oneshot without editing and special effects?

(just saying, you could save so much time instead of editing & stuff cauze
anyway you’ll get million+ views :)

Papa Mabotja says:


natalja deorbegoso says:

he is back YESS

fam moheb says:

He said the nessary tits not tips

Erdene Boldbaatar says:

At first when he ate the yellow I freaked out but then I saw the orange
juice carton

Rhian Dale says:

lmao the gummi worm and orange juice killed me ahahahahahahaha

Cameron Kaye says:

Ryan can you start posting more

Hentie Theart says:

Nipples are metapoding

Thibault Couturier says:

Honestly this is fucking hilarious i laughed my asss off :”D

joel cux says:

Best funny video ever teeeeheeeee

travis junnola says:

megan whhoooooo megan

Dawn Stark says:

Snow has Pollution in it -,-

Tyler Muller says:

So he had a cellphone but didn’t call anybody lol

Tom Nguyen says:

Is’nt that the taiga not arctic. Trees dont grow in arctic. Good video

Mare lena says:

Omg. Your just so unbelievably awesome!

Dakota Collins says:

I have those same tennis racquets :O

Nicole Phillips says:

You should do off the pill videos again! There’s so much you cAn do them
about like justin bieber and miley cyrus lol

MisterMuffinMan523 says:

Yellow snow XD

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