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NeonSun987 says:

I have heard that this game is HACKED!!!!!

Xavier Armstrong says:

The comments are actually scaring me lol im going to download it to see
“the pedofile”

Marteh says:

1:26 <---- best part XD

Max Ekström says:

Dis game is hacked

Drenzo Creez says:

PEWDS! not play this game when its a person behind that webcam in those
eyes in angela. a boy played this game and then he is missing over a year.

Moose Frenzy says:


zouzouna barbie says:


mrrBoffant says:


Arlin Soto says:

+PewDiePie bro please delete this game it’s dangerous

Harry Cornwell says:

Do an other one so funny

Tiffany Davidson says:


awzomeboy510 says:

I hear that talking Angela is actually a guy who takes pictures of you
through the eyes of the cat or whatever and it finds out all your info then
someone is supposed to kidnap you…that’s what I heard I’m not sure to
believe it or not 

mewmewwolfangel says:

XD I died..

Sara Arias says:

this game is weird

CondraLP says:

BEWARE OF YOU!!! Every time you touch angela an hacker (an pedophile
hacker) will take a picture of you!!BEWARE OF YOU!!!

Mya Huggins says:

pewds every time you touched her it took a pic of you cause a pedophile
made the app to get kids name,school,where they stop playing the
app and im not kidding

bacongirl alice says:

Play simsimi

ashesnowfly says:

Omg cant stop laughing hahahahahaha 

stevonte brown says:

Hahaha that’s funny it felt good when you did that

InfinitePoptart says:


IHazTehPowah says:

When you pushed her off her chair I started coughing cos I laughed so hard 

Syrena Korjula says:

I literally just died laughin (im a ghost now ;( )

jodie hitosis says:

Actually it’s not hacked!

Eyes:Refletion of a cafe

Flash:illumanati means flash

Kidnapped saying on Internet:

Rumors and fakes

jonas olsen says:

Its virus

Neo McDoom says:

The kidnapper theory makes since, I mean right off the bat it asks you if
your a kid.

Neko says:

TO SPACE!!!!!!!!!!

yarden vaknin says:

Pewdiepie she films you if u do screenshot and then zoom on her eyes u see
that it films you!

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