How To Sell ClickBank Products And Make Money With ClickBank

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Nikola Mihailovic says:

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Nikola Mihailovic says:

How to sell clickbank products is always an interesting question …
I work with Internet marketing for two years and I was lucky
to meet Vick and his video how to sell clickbank product …
I looked at this same video but I had no money to start
campaign and sell some clickbank products …
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nickcruis says:

Like this video a lot my only question now Google is using its’ new Key
word tool how do I replicate the google keyword tool section in the new
format. It still shares the some of the same features but not all many

Andrew Davey says:

Great Video Nikola. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear from someone who
walks their talk and genuinely wants to help others to succeed online! Keep
up the inspiration my friend!!

Justin Harris says:

I have several clickbank products now that I’ve tested using this video as
a guide. I’ve made some good ROI and I’m ready to roll out the products.
Unfortunately I am having trouble finding the next video. Can you help
point me to the video that follows this one. Thanks. And thanks for the
great information!

Javier Ricardo says:

Great video. Question, the broad or direct option is now showing up now?
did they take it out?

Laura Meldere says:

do i have to pay for google keyword tool?

Armien Hendricks says:

Hi can you please tell me how to do research on a product or offer.


BeautyBdy says:

This is probably great information, but he takes waaay too long to explain
what could be said in a few words.

kiran kumar says:

hi thanks for the video.. i hope it will work for me.. but i didn’t get
your PDF list even after i conformed my subscription. please send me one
thank you

Baljit Ghai says:

Where is the link for the .pdf download ?

Bain Marie says:

I love you kid! I am so excited…I just did my first paid campaign with
plenty of fish and it was very easy and self explanatory. Thank you Vick
for your good info. 

cc Mukes says:

This just changed to course of my life

Alton Pubien says:

Does this still work I’M in need of college funds.

dino ceballos says:

Hey I Hope this is good Im new and will try it ASAP trust you will be more
that Famous if you help me to make Lots of Money believe me thanks . VIC

Melvin Alexander says:

this is great information how do i get more

amn njr says:

Thank you that was very helpful ! now I know what I should do
problem is I dont have money to pay these advertising services :p
What do you suggest to get like a 100 dollar on a month for example just to
get started ?

Allan Gildea says:

Outstanding, thanks Vik!

Tony Banani says:

Wow, all i’ve been learning for 5 years rolled into 1 hour. loool. i’m
known online as FROMiVC, and You can follow me online for affiliate

Greg GAuthor says:

Hi Nikola: I love this video. Thank you for posting it. Is it possible to
create a campaign and not use a hypertracker type service?
Thank you,

Alghad Almoshrek says:

Mr/Nikola how i can join high traffic academy ? it’s not available any more
or what?

larry melbourne says:

Amazing video i learnt a lot brill been doing this on and off for a few
years but will try this out as it seems to be better than the rest

DBoyJuan says:

awwwwww this shit is straight gold!!!!! lol

Sport Land says:

woow Great stuff ….thank u so mush 

Cameron Shearer says:

An American with a fake accent

geem Shakay says:

are you insane? let me explain you the best stuff its panxcash the best

kyo yagami says:

please make new video about the keyword tool because google has a new
version. i cannot follow if theres a new video please share me a link thank

Ladygunner609 says:

This is one of the best tutorial videos! BUT you should do an update about
the google keyword tool thing, apparently it did change ! Thanks

Rimantas Petrauskas says:

I like how your video is created. I am learning the same for marketing my
products and I am learning from Brendon Burchard and Video Genesis program.
Any chance you are in those as well?

Devon Scott says:

This is my first time doing this and I completely understand this… I
don’t have any type of income.. but I am willing to try this… to have a
source of income… is there anyway you can make a video showing how to get
$500us a week the quickest way to start off with

khalid abdi says:

nice video man

Lee ks says:

Hi bro. I found that the google keywords tool already disappear and change
into keyword planner. At there i cant find the exact option. Can you help

Reuben Wilson says:


Mark Crawford says:

If this is real, its amazing!

FREE ADS says:

Vic, can you include me in your list? thanks

Sainath Mungara says:

Hey Thank you, I’m not entirely new to this stuff but your traffic sources
were amazing, I just made 125 $ in 2010 and I dont know how i did it! i’m
gonna try it again, by the way what happened to the demo campaign did you
get a sale out of it? would love to know

anesti mihalchev says:

Hello i am just starting all you mastered and please give some heads
up… far i dont have website and all the stuffs i need i am just try
to find nice product to offer and i dont have ton of emails listsand most
important i dont have money to spend for traffic for now. What should i do
first in my case. Some help please. Thank you!

DirtyNutella says:

wheres part 2

mark blackie says:

Awesome video but yes google has now changed it too AdSense, under Tools is
”display planner” which will give you the results but I am still lost how
to get the ”exact” result I am looking for with the website I am
searching ?? 

Manuel Seidl says:

you don’t made a own homepage for that, just roll out 2 Campaigns and see
what happen, right?

mohd nizam says:

May i run this product in malaysia?

J Bukovski says:

you said that you will send the pdf, and you didnt! What, the whole idea is
to collect e-mails?

Frank Adams says:

Well done, Organized, Easy to follow. Nice video. Well done, Organized and
easy to follow. High quality presentation

Brittany Weaver says:

I went to google and typed in google keyword tool and it says its been
replaced with google keyword planner but you have to pay for it. Is there
any other free keyword tools?

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