How to sign up for twitter – BIM Vid 50 of 90

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Ellen Persad says:

Thanks Gabriella for this great tutorial on signing up for twitter.

Vicki Joseph says:

Thank, always left this till later!!

Philip Mutrie says:

Tweet, tweet, tweet. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this tutorial…

Chika Nwoko says:

Gabriella, thank you again for a useful tutorial. I am on Twitter although
I haven’t sent out one tweet yet. That’s about to change, I need to get on
it. Thanks for sharing……….

sojiandtitioyenuga says:

Thanks for this video on how to sign up for twitter, Gabriella

Gerard, Audrey says:

Twitter is a great social media!!

Jesse Rodriguez says:

Gabriella, thanking you for this great tutorial on how to sign up for
Twitter…both Sandy and I have our separate accounts in Twitter and we
have had great results with some of our ad campaigns

Gabriella Petrilla says:

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