Jaason Lee Interview Les Brown In Malaysia For Big Idea Mastermind Group Members

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http://www.JaasonLee.com I’m determine to ask for a short video session with Les Brown for Big Idea Mastermind members. I do whatever it takes to get this vi…

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Marie Hor says:

stay hungry !

Chan Hy says:

Wow else can I say. Thanks for the advice. Les Brown, you are amazing. I am
for sure staying hungry

Shafina Dhanani says:


Jaason Lee says:

Thanks Chan, glad you like it.

King Koh says:

Yes ! Out of Your Comfort Zone and Stay Hungry !!!! Totally agreed !!!

Jaason Lee says:

Thanks Shafina. Hope this short and compelling message from Les Brown will
touch your heart and the seed of the message store in your concious and
subconscious mind.

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