One Direction – Story of My Life (Audio)

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The new album Midnight Memories featuring Story of My Life is out now! Amazon: iTunes: Music v…

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Dilan Perera says:

This song is like a black guy in a Asia. So different… doesn’t mean it’s
bad though

columbineiscool says:

I don’t like one direction at all tbh. But this song is nice

Juli Aguerre says:

I have the new Cd Mindnight Memories! It is very cool

Shot At Life TV says:

MIDNIGHT MEMORIES PARODY ON OUR PAGE 😀 directioners are welcome 😉 youll
love it x please check it out :3

MrThiagoFB says:

This music is beautiful!!!
Remembr my family, my brother in your childhood!!!!

Mohd Hammad says:

Such a beautiful song, I hate 1D but this is different 

Matt O'Brien says:

Hey everyone! I hate to be this kind of commenter, but I did a cover of
this song on my channel that I used as an audition for The Voice. My dream
is to be a popular recording artist and even though The Voice didn’t pick
me up, it doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying!

I’ve heard a lot of great things on it so I wonder what actual Directioners
think!!! I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!

Kyle Barks says:

This song reminds me on my ex I miss her loads :'(

imane brahimi says:

I do not for the life of me like one direction. But I heard this song on
the radio and I kept getting curious about it. I know. I’m like most
comments right now saying this. But whatever. But I must admit. This is
quite good. Not bad. They did a really good job on this. I give them props.

Irene van Amersfoort says:

people saying this is their only good song but I’m sure they only know
about four 1D songs and haven’t even listened to their other songs

monsterswag1997 says:

I hate one direction, but I think this song isn’t bad

Olivia Dumaya says:

I was crying

Jordan Strange says:

I love 1D so much. They’ve saved my life so many times. I love this song.

Adam Grant says:

This was not the song i was looking for… #SocialDistortion 

adam2point0 says:

honestly i really didn’t like 1D until i heard this song and i decided to
give them a chance….and now i will shamelessly admit that they have some
catchy ass songs

Lorenzo Garcia says:

I like this

kaitlyn lawrence says:

please subscribe to me and i will 101% subscribe

Meggie G. says:

Reminds me of BBC`s Being Human, what with the sad endings and happy

Megan Kittell says:

Not a fan of One Direction, (no hate) but I love this song. Very beautiful

Ryan knowles says:

1D is a very good band & plZZZzzz sub to me

Tiana Gadd says:

I did a mashup of this song with “Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant on my
channel! Check it out 🙂 

Anel Rangel says:

i love the beginning

Felix Frost says:

Cant say im a fan..but ive listened to this like 20 times today

Janet Pokershing says:


❤chantel❤ says:

I am crying

Mia Walton says:

As much as I hate One Direction, this song is good and I love it.

Rahimah Zalovoski says:

This song be banging 

ItzBraedo says:

Yeah, I don’t like One Direction, but I heard this song today and it’s
really good!

Cara Robb says:

♥ u harry styles

giulia sciusco says:

i love this song

Saoirse Smith says:

So have you heard it yet?! ‘Story of My Life’ has officially hit radios
across the world! If you haven’t heard it yet – you can listen right here!
1DHQ x

sarah ozer says:


Sevgi bieber says:


Mallika Singh says:

this song is better than words.. 

macbelle3rd says:

why is there a radio edit?? whats wrong with Liam’s 2nd solo :/

Ryan Wiita says:

I don’t know why but i actually enjoy this song…

Magio Rivas says:

Not really a big fan of 1D but the song is really nice.

Sarah Ashley says:

I’m just so proud of our boys <3 Im being serious Im crying so much right
now they've come so far and this song is so beautiful

Kaytlin Roy says:


Trey Iverson says:

I kinda dig this song

andrea espinoza says:

hearing this song in high volume makes me ignore the world!! <3 :)

Christian Andrei says:

They hate because they wanna embarrass people… how they work hard to
make this.maybe you should be the one singing this ALONE

Mkkio Harts says:

best one direction song ever…actually their only good song (:

angalise223 says:

This is the only song I like by them. 

Asoranth says:

I’m not a fan of 1D. But I have to say this is a really good song. You have
my respect 1D :]

Jordan Almanza says:

Can you guys type: Redefinedwow on YouTube and find my siblings and I cover
of this song? It’s our dream and were just trying to chase it. Thank you so
much! :)

Andrew Patel says:

And i wonder why they weren’t accepted one by one,Maybe they can’t sing at
all??Yeah thats gotta be the answer

martha bealey says:

I think anyone who likes this Shit should go listen to black veil brides or
pierce the veil to get a proper taste in music.

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