One Direction – Story of My Life

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The new album Midnight Memories featuring Story of My Life is out now! Amazon: iTunes: Music v…

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Jason Levy says:

One Direction are freaking amazing. I love Story of My Life and so I
covered it. I’d be more than honored if everyone took a second to check it
out. Thanks guys, and give One Direction a thumbs up. 

SergiBeCa says:

My dream is to be a pianist and singer.
Some people do not believe in me … but maybe you will.
I do covers of songs by Demi Lovato, Adele, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande,
Rihanna, Linkin Park, Skrilex, Disney Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and more!
Please give me a chance to control a video of mine.
If you like my videos, please subscribe!
Thanks and chase their dreams all 🙂 <3

Jeremy Green says:

One day I’ll cover this song. If anyone has a couple of seconds just to
give my channel a chance, I’d really appreciate it. Sorry if this was an
inconvenience. I’m just trying to chase after my dreams of hopefully
becoming a well known musician.

Brenden Keys says:

hey guys i made a cover of a song

Javier Lino says:


Trigmy says:

They have gotten so much better when they made the decision to be their own
band. Props for being yourselves and not letting yourselves be controlled.

manish singh says:

a flashback of memories…………….

deolum says:

Hi guys, I just want to say that I loved the song and I did not covered it.


Chadleylakes says:

Hello 🙂 How’s it going Directioners?
I’m Chad, and if you have a free minute, maybe you can stop by my channel?
I like making covers! I haven’t actually done a One Direction song yet.
But I would if it was requested 🙂 Anyways, thanks for reading this!
Have an awesome day.

xMAEDAx says:


Raisa C. says:

zayn y’d u keep a beerd

ariana martinez says:

aww so cute on 0:53

Anais esperanza says:

I love one direction

mihirangi nanayakkara says:


DanVallelion says:

Jesus christ I just wanted to see why ppl hate OD and now I get it. They
This one have music line from Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man. WTF

Alex Larin says:


astral magazine says:

this the first that i like a song from u guys … if u keep up with same
like thes songs thats willl be better its not all about love …. make a
song about this world the “facts hurts”

Olamide Olowoyo says:

I don’t know about anyone else but this is my go-to song when I’m feeling
down. I don’t this song just motivates me and creates a certain passion in
me. Thank you One Direction and thank you to all the songwriters. 

Gamer Kd Jack says:

Hey one direction I know this is a longshot but can you guys visit Lokota
in federal way. It would make my friends and my crush very happy 

neil ramroop says:

its amazing how we can all take things for granted such as family and close

khaoula messi says:

i’m derectionnaire now 

Jasmine Jazzi says:

Awe sad 3:24

Susann Horan says:

These photos are great. So Sweet <3

sofia Cabrera says:

I 🙂 am 🙂 not 🙂 crying

Aubrey07 says:

You guys are the best singer in the wold

Harspreet Kaur says:

The concept of the video was seriously beyond amazing!

GreatGooglyMoogley16 says:

This is so amazing and emotional. 1D will always be my fave band ❤

austin akin says:

Liam is so cute

Lovi Cariaga says:

i love this song

eliza helena says:

I love music
I’m brazilian and love onde direction

yellow flash says:

I am a 14 year teen its OK for me to listen,1d songs right?

bionicF gz says:


Luz Negron says:

That is sad my dog died her name was cokie

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