Pharrell Williams – Happy (Official Music Video)

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iamOTHER says:

Join Pharrell Williams for a G I R L album live listening party Monday,
March 3rd at 6pm ET / 3pm PT. Go to:
#PharrellHangout #PutYourRobeOn #GIRL 

Christina Collins says:

My new FAVORITE jam! Cuz I’m happyyyy ;)

Vashti Q-Vega says:

This song possesses me with happy spirits! I LOVE it!

eddie begic says:

Tyler the creator

Andréa Raquel says:

♪ Happy #MusicMonday sweet♥’s ♪ T.G.I.M. attitude adjustment. 

Lisa Farkass says:

You are only as Happy as you make up your Mind to be……..I would rather
be Happy than be an angry asshole……. My Choice….. Your choice…..

Carolyn Miller says:

What a catchy tune! 

Judah Wessel says:

Happy happy happy! I wish he could have done some runs somewhere near the
end, but otherwise I loved the joy and fun dancing and cool support in the
background. So happy!

VEVO92162 says:

21.300 people are sad 

chicagoelectricbicyc says:

This song sucks so bad. When it comes on the radio I immediately turn it
off. The economy sucks, no one is “happy” !!!

moogey VanderVelde says:

my new fav

G0FlyAKite1 says:

How many of you sheeple are gonna obey & submit to the “International Day
of Happiness” and upload a video of yourself being happy while listening to
this song? OBEY. SUBMIT. T.V. = Mind Control. 

MrPixel456 says:

No spoko nuta :D

Dimitar Bushev says:


Jessie@star says:

Thank you Pharrell Williams 

noueddine alhassnaoui says:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Happy 2020

Marine Le Bihan says:


عبداللطيف الحوطي says:

Sexy song !! B happy 🙂 

Dušana Maliňáková says:

I am happy!!!

Jasmine Ramirez says:
Jhoanna Jones says:

Happy Monday.

Tami Sharpe-Leroux says:

I ❤️ this video!!!!

Rasmus Skettrup says:

Bring me down ! :)

Daryl Shakoor says:

Why is odd past in the video?

Grace Mangels says:

Definitely song of the year, maybe of the decade! Genius 

Jose Andres says:

A good reason to be happy

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