Socializing With Successful People At The Big idea Mastermind Luau

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Gabriella Petrilla says:

A lot of familiar faces! :)) Great video Audrey, thanks for sharing.

Jorge lf says:

thanks for sharing Audrey

sojiandtitioyenuga says:

Thanks for sharing this beautiful memory!

Ellen Persad says:

Thanks for sharing Audrey! Be a magnetic millionaire! Mastermind with the

Jesse Rodriguez says:

Audrey, thanking you for sharing your great moments from the millionaires
retreat in Hawaii. I saw a number of familiar faces from our master mind

Gerard, Audrey says:

We had such a great time there!

Julius Mohacsi says:

Great video, thxs!

Sharon Ballantyne says:

Neat video…I like the sound of Magnetic Multi Millionaire! thanks Audrey

Philip Mutrie says:

Awesome video… And hey… You caught me on video twice chatting it up at
the millionaires retreat! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

Gerard, Audrey says:


Gerard, Audrey says:

Yes vibes were in the air

Gerard, Audrey says:


Ronald Maurice Majette, Jr says:

Great video Audrey… I could really feel the vibe there!

Gerard, Audrey says:

Yes it was great masterminding

Gerard, Audrey says:

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