The latest buzz from Big Idea Mastermind – BIM Vid 85 of 90

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WhoIsDebbieNicholson says:

Gabriella do you have a how to video on how to do a video using powerpoint?
My software is on the blink for another programme I use

Gabriella Petrilla says:

Thank you guys!

WhoIsDebbieNicholson says:

Great video Gabriella

Philip Mutrie says:

Great presentation Gabriella. Thank you for sharing.

Elena Della-Pietra says:

Gabriella you are amazing.

Elena Della-Pietra says:


WhoIsDebbieNicholson says:

thank you for that Gabriella. I love your movies

Jesse Rodriguez says:

Great background music to bring attention to your latest ‘BUZZ’ of what is
about to happen to your business. Thanks for sharing.

Gabriella Petrilla says:

Hi Debbie, unfortunately I don’t have a video on PowerPoint, I use Windows
Live Movie Maker and it is very simple to use and make slides for your
videos.There are a bunch of tutorials on YouTube on how to use it.

Audrey Doherty Bigara says:

Great advertising Gabriella, love it!!

Jonathan Graham says:

Nice video editing!

Gabriella Petrilla says:

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