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The Empower Network Mastermind is where lives are transformed, and a sense of community and unity is established. It has been said that you cannot judge a bo…

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winston wilson says:

The Empower Network Mastermind is where lives are transformed,
and a sense of community and unity is established.

It has been said that you cannot judge a book by it’s cover.

Yet the cover of the book is being constantly judged by those
who have no idea or even an ounce of knowledge in regards to the contents.

A Seat With Your Name On it lays vacant.

Many of your judgements are coming from those who are
standing on the side lines, operating through mere guess work to interpret
what they think Empower Network is all about.

The truth about this industry definitely will stand the test of time,
as it is rooted and grounded in pure moral values and ethics.

If you remember my previous post.

I asked the question as to how much money did you spend to go to college?

Since your graduation, are you living a life of freedom?

Do you have financial independence?

How do you feel about having to pay your school loans back with interest?

Can you really compare Empower Network to that?

The truth of the matter is Empower Network
gives you back everything college took from you.

Like what?

Let’s begin with the TRUTH.

About the valuable information that you really need,
on the ins and outs of building your own independent business, out
sourcing, without limits. (as in being subjected to an employer)

Where as college teaches you to work for an employee,
years after spending thousands of dollars to get the information.

What is the problem?

The college curriculum continues it’s operations under the
agricultural and industrial age systems.

Empower Network resurrects you from the
dead ages of agricultural and industrial systems.
Which has lost a lot of it relevancy in these modern times

Propelling those that have been left behind into the age of information.

The key obviously is the information the POWER bring you back to life.

The life you were meant to live.

The educational system has been so subtle and skillful
that it was capable of persuading so many of us to spend hundreds of
thousands of dollars, to get the information of which they chose to give us,
and what you thought that you wanted or needed.

And after everything is said and done, you end up having nothing to show
for it.

Where did all the money that I spent go?

Did I at least break even?

Not even close!

But the most craziest and most mind boggling thing about it all is that ….

Nobody is complaining about it or calling it a scam. (A self induced fear
to speak about the flaws of the educational system)

Everyone just seems to be accepting it as being just the way of life.
(Just another case of the blind leading the blind, and everyone falling
into the ditch of despair)

As it continues to be perpetuated from generation to a new generation of

Oblivious to the implications and final results of such out dated methods.

Yet when an online business is presented, all of a sudden everyone like
vultures coming to feed upon the dead carcasses, all of a sudden has
something to say.
Breathing out deep seated negative remarks about that company and it’s
opportunity, without even knowing the actual facts for themselves.

But what is mostly strange about this is that the prices at Empower Network
are only a speck compared to the thousands of dollars you so willingly paid
for college,ending up with the final result being less than average,and a
life unfulfilled.

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