TWEEK BROS! – South Park: The Stick of Truth – Part 2 – Gameplay

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Thanks for all the support in this series so far bros! Here’s another episode for ya! #brefest Check out our Website! ▻ Click Here T…

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PewDiePie says:

Part 3:
FART RO DAH! – South Park: The Stick of Truth – Part 3
Enjoy! :D

ProxyPlaythroughs says:

I’m curious to see if you can have more than two characters in the fight.
Generally in turn based games you have a default of three characters on the
field but in this there seems to be just too BUT I am sure I have seen
three in gameplay videos?

I mean it would be awesome to have a combination of Butters and Cartmen on
the field. White Mage and Dark Mage baby! ;)

Ainsley Woods says:

lol skyrim xD

Rage Quit says:

2 more days!!

RockmeHellsing says:


Tia Hecox says:

Hey! How’s it goin bros? My name is *EEHH-*

Ivo Djus says:

the weapon looks like crowbar xD

tomer.s MrBanana says:

LOL חבט

RampageMontage says:

Oh my god you killed kenny!

michael petree says:

its also fable

lps forevs says:

Pewds you are on gameinformer march!:D

jason brown says:

Anybody else singing in the ghetto when pewd crossed the train tracks XD

TheLpsCrusaderGirls says:

3:27 Stephano much?

andrew Gonzales says:

no homo pewds but i love u and your videos man u ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zjordo says:

You should finish the ManBearPig quest its awesome!

karl roby Javier says:


Joseph Chiappetta says:

rent a cop rush lmfao

Alonsa Karano says:

Anyone else get the “Hot Coffee” Reference? Would saying Grand Theft Auto

Blitz HD says:

i have a new game for you twerking

Kitty Kat says:

Lol when douchebag did the dragon shout it sounded like Princess Kenny
mmphd fuck off you asshole

Christian Rispler says:

What happend to the audio at 9:00

Skyler GabrielRacoma says:

howdie how us from that peice of shit in some eps of south park

Cory Kim says:


sammy bias says:

oh yeah, craig always flipps people off.

jeremy H says:

at least the game looks sweet….. not sure why this guy has 24000000000
followers tho

WantCheeseBro says:

Skyrim reference though

mickeysymbiose says:

..What happened to officer barbradys voice?.. :(

Gamer_415g plays/reveiws says:


Tio Diaz says:

holy crap 216,500 likes!

McKenzie Allen says:

I love Kenny

Eli Aberger says:

Love this shit!

ScottMadden26 says:

i so wanna play this game….. where did u get it from??

Sickle Tihts says:

yah so i am like the biggest south park fan ever and this game looks so
great! nice vid pewds! and yes my profile pic is a poop!

BorderDerpOfficial says:

Hey pewdiepie you should get elders scroll online when it comes out
arrearage hve

Brad Bircher says:

its so hard to watch this when ive got the game preloaded on my pc and i
dont want to spoil anything

jordan jefferies says:

they totally ripped of skyrim with the dragon shout and dragonborn

Jay Simon says:

U Down syndrome fuck

David Novoa says:

one time I saw this when I was mostly spanish and I didnt know they were
like this!!!!!! weird and funny at the same time

LichFish O says:

Copyright skyrim

savannah marsh says:

You are the coolest person in the world. Love your biggest fan savannah
rose marsh :)

Will D says:

The rhinoplasty song was the jennifer lopez episode! 

Rebecca Antoine says:

i thought the title said twerk bros when i saw it

Aqua Lang says:

Kenny! ;(

martin gaffke says:

no thats is the taco song

De'Andre Venning says:

its comin right for us, said it at the same time.

Mia M says:


Jason Workman says:

i were head phones and the intro scared the shit out of me

Brendan Thompson says:

Use Tweek’s key to open the chest in the back room of the coffee shop.
Climb up the ladder to the right.

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