Vick Strizheus Makes Over $700,000 In 30 Days With Empower Network Society

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Warning: Illegal string offset 'disable_silo' in /home4/dhanes/public_html/ : eval()'d code(1) : eval()'d code on line 367 Vick Strizheus earns over $700000 since joining the Empower Network on December 20, 2012 and wins the $30000 in cash at the Release Your…

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Kevin McIntyre says:

It’s all around the world. All you have to do is join. Send me an email and
I wll hook you up. mkm130 [at] gmail dot com

franciscoler says:

awesome! EN is the best vehicle for financial freedom !

David Connelly says:

Hi Vick. I’m an HTA member and I just want to say that I’m enjoying your
material. Cheers!


i wanna make money , i need help

Nidesh Maskey says:

Guess what, the moment I told my family that I was planning to go earn
money online, they teased me. But after that I showed them my profits. Go
and Google Tube Cash Exposure to discover proven methods to make money

franciscoler says:

this business is not for everyone… if people just follow the steps that
vick teaches you… you will succeed PERIOD! so dont t think this is a scam
because it’s NOT…. like any other business, it involves risk… so if you
dont make money it’s not vick’s fault .

Mustafa Godi says:

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Secrets That Most Network Marketers will never know!

reneejmack says:

Vick, I totally agree with your answer. Because you are out there and
people see your face, it is like a lightening rod for the naysayers.
Unfortunately, this happens. Want you to know that I keep you, your family
and your staff uplifted in prayer daily using Psalm 91. Remember, though,
that when this happens it makes you stronger. And the naysayers don’t even
know that or they would stop.

Giq Gicu says:

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Google Search and read a lot of remarkable stuff about it. A lot of my
buddy also strongly recommend me to check out it

Mark Soto says:

Well Said My Brother !, I am Currently at 15k in just a few months, and
over 3k a Month Residual, Thanks Vick for this “Big Idea that is allowing
Ordinary People to DO Extra Ordinary Things !” Bless You ( Mark Soto )

Shaheermusic says:

Hi, have you seen Smarter Money Maker? (look it up on google) You will
learn about the serious crimes we commit against our wallet. With Smarter
Money Maker, you will discover how to earn more income quickly.

Kevin McIntyre says:

let me know what you need and i will help you.

MrMogul65 says:


Online With Jay says:

that’s a great point to make Erlinda, I guess some scams are more
acceptable than others haha 🙂

40FootballFanatic says:

@Erlinda I couldn’t agree with you more. For so many years we’ve been
brainwashed into thinking if we all go to college and work hard we will all
be successful. Which is totally FALSE! These guys on the video are for
REAL. You can make money at this if you follow the system and work your
butt off. And to the naysayers screaming scam, I can tell you what the
biggest scam of all is. “Corporate America” Where the hard workers get paid
pennies while the CEOS rake it in.

TheWHYisWHY says:

agree with you vick.. i try to mae money but im not sucessful.. and i dont
blame no one for tht its up to prson how motived hi is.. and everyone needs
to find the way how to do cant no one teach how to do that if you
dont build your own way.. you need to stat from bottom like every succesful
person does.. and if you cant make money in one place make it in other
where you can..

TheWHYisWHY says:

soory for mistakes..

Erlinda Shen says:

Yeah, I got scammed. I went to this place and listened to people talk about
info that is up to 2,000 years old that has nothing to do with making
money. I paid over 100,000 for it, over 4 years and was promised big money,
say, $50,000 a year. The most I made was $13 an hour. It was college. Total
scam. Oh yeah, that has nothing to do with this video, but if you want to
argue about scams, and being a sucker, let’s just call a spade a spade.
Don’t talk about bash stuff you don’t understand.

KennyPASIC says:

awesome stuff!

dipenbhanushali says:

Vick is really a Traffic Generate Machine. He gives best. No BS. Just Love
you for giving nice info.

Vick Strizheus says:

the video you just watched is from Austin event. There were 4,000 or so
people in the room. When asked how many of them actually made money, about
95% of them stood up. Friend, you’re just either jealous of someone’s
success or you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. You don’t
get money by “sucking” people in. You make money by selling a product. Get
your facts straight before you post comments like this.

BIMReviewed says:

It is simple to succeed in online marketing, but it is not easy, as Vick
says. You have to be willing to put in the effort and if you do, you will
see the rewards.

traisna kurnia limijaya says:

i from indonesian, i wanna become like him, when will come to indonesia

GravityWarpDrive says:

Vic, why don’t you just tell the TRUTH that you spent YEARS making NOTHING
online and thousands of hours of dedicated effort in front of your computer
before you hit jackpot with your LIST. And that 99.999% has no chance in
hell to make what you made in 30 days with EN. That the Income Disclosure
of EN is no better than an average miracle juice mlm in Utah that pays 5%
commissions. That now, when you join EN you’ll be competing with 200,000
others that joined BEFORE you.

Happybidr says:

Folks, this is totally a pyramid scheme. This guy makes his money off of
you, and you will have to SCAM other people if you want to get any money!
Meanwhile, he’ll keep getting you to pay for his special “Mastermind group”
or his “course materials” or some other crap, and there goes your money. Do
NOT BE A SUCKER!!!! You are smarter than this!

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