Your Past Does NOT Equal Your Future Vick Strizheus Vid 6 of 90)

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Ahmad zidan says:

Thanks vick! “opened my mind” . Hope more marketing tips . 

Franklin Park says:

Total Scam Artist? He’s not even remorseful! One you should apologize and
who cares about your success if its at the expense of others…regardless
if it was in 1999…No one is judging but your conscience!

Damir Irina says:

Vick I appreciate you soooo MUCH! you are the best! thank you for
everything that you do. you helped us make over $20,000 already

Julie Empoweress says:

saying NOTHING about it says ALOT

John W Morrod says:

Hi Vick, I am so pleased that you have been able to be so open and take the
heat out of the haters. I heard that this had happened in your life before
I joined Big Idea Mastermind but I had a gut feeling that you are a good
guy so joined anyway. I’m pleased to know you.

Sterling Lowery says:

For the moment we wish on the things we had, and the moment we wish on the
things we didn’t have, is the moment we forgot about the things that we do

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